The G3SS is my latest "Super Static" recurve limb. I wanted to build a more aggressive limb with big hooks for better performance. I soon found that a glass limb just doesn't have the stability needed for the aggressive hooks I designed into my new form even with a layer of stabilizing material added to the core. I then found the carbon layup I had been looking for. It has amazing torsional stiffness to stabilize the limbs along with the lighter weight and faster recovery of carbon. Along with great performance these limbs have a really smooth draw. Where most recurves gain around 3# per inch toward the end of the draw cycle the G3SS limb gains less than 2# per inch. You can feel the limbs loading early in the draw cycle and then gradually smoothing out in the last few inches of the draw cycle. That stability along with the forgiveness the TimberGhost forward riser design is known for make for an easy shooting bow with top shelf performance. FDC, performance, efficiency and other technical data in the G3SS Bow Test page, check it out.

All G3SS limbs will be carbon back and belly, no veneers at this time, in short, medium or long lengths. All will have black black phenolic wedges and will be available with your choice of actionboo or foam cores.


G3 Tree Hook Strung.jpg