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TimberGhost Traditional Bows

The takedown and one piece hybrid longbows and takedown static recurves I build are handcrafted one at a time with traditional Ozark quality. The takedown bows currently featured on the website are my three piece TimberGhost hybrid longbows and static recurves. I've been tweaking the design; reflex, limb angles and preload and I'm very happy with the improvements in performance while retaining the smooth shooting, shoot where you look accuracy of the forward riser belly mounted limbs. I think you'll be surprised with the performance you get from a bow with a 7 1/2" to 8 1/2" brace height. I've also incorporated carbon laminations into the design. Experience with my chronograph and a D10 string at 9 grains per pound of draw weight has shown a 4-5 fps increase with carbon back over clear glass back and another 3-4 fps with carbon back and belly. At this time carbon belly is not offered for the static recurve limbs.

You can use either hybrid or static recurve limbs on the same riser to get that same consistent custom grip that fits your style to use with either hybrid or recurve limbs.

I also do a one piece "Smoke" hybrid longbow in 54", 56" and 58". It has the same great shooting characteristics as the TD in a little lighter package. It does have some deflex but is not as much of a forward riser design as the TimberGhost TD. It runs a lower brace height, 6 1/4 to 7 1/4, but is still very forgiving with great performance. It has a very comfortable, consistent grip and comes standard with a thumb rest. It's also available with veneers under clear glass back and belly or carbon back with veneer under clear glass belly. At this time I don't offer carbon belly on the Smoke.

I'm a sponsor on TradGang and my bows have had a fair amount of exposure over the past few years on the site. Besides what you find on the Testimonials page of my website, if you do a search for TimberGhost on Powwow you'll likely find additional info. My TradGang handle is ARRidgerunner.

I love to bowhunt and have been doing so mostly with my own bows for the past 20 years or so. My wife has accused me of being a perfectionist. Don't know about that but I won't send a bow out that I wouldn't be happy to carry into the woods myself. My bows are designed to be easy on the eyes with smooth shooting performance in the field.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please feel free to give me a call or e-mail me anytime if you would like more info on my bows. I still do a fair amount of travelling for my real job but I do check my e-mail nightly and look forward to hearing from you.

Good Shoooting and Better Hunting,
Kent Roberts